Versace Home

Versace Home is among others also for luxurious wallpaper, which are all in the unmistakable style of Versace, the Italian design house and combines neoclassical tradition and innovative interpretations. Traditional motifs of the series #GREEK encounter ultra modern appearance and neo-baroque opulence, as BAROQUE AND ROLL, a timeless colourways. Precious materials and the highest level of detail complete the distinctive aesthetic of five emblematic Versace topics such as like La Coupe des Dieux a Gesamtkunstwerk for the walls, which, if stylish or modern, glamorous enhances any ambience. The series Giungla and Pompeii from the wallpaper collections of Versace Home II consists of different designs and combines the classical motifs with an ultra-modern look, an ancient magic comes to life and thus creates a fascinating and elegant overall appearance.