concrete wallpaper

concrete wallpaper one of the major trends in the design of interiors and is currently one of the uncompromisingly modern optics raw concrete surfaces such as concrete. With our concrete wallpaper and products with real stone is bound dispersion, sedimented quartz or fine sands. A closed system for adhesives and coatings. The application of Betontapete is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor areas and thus rounds off the idea and makes the application for the expert as well as for the handyman manageable. These wallpapers are concrete, through the use of natural stone powder, not only visually, probe partners also touch and a real concrete surface. These concrete wallpaper is mineral-filled resin Networked surfaces in veneer or wallpaper strength. The material has the feel and appearance of real concrete. Q102-Betontapete has sound-proofing and warmth insulation properties in comparison with reinforced concrete. A product which has no equal.
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