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Inspiring wallpaper trends for today and tomorrow
Sustainability, digitization and vintage nostalgia are the topics that should keep everyone busy! Because trends play a central role in our decision on how we design our home. They shape our attitude to life and thus macro trends in fashion and home design as well as seasonal micro trends: trendy colors, shapes and patterns, with which we beautify our everyday life for a while. As broad currents in politics, economy, science, culture and society significantly influence our values, needs and our lifestyle.

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The world of wallpapers!

more than 9000 wallpapers in different decors, you will find the right wallpaper and order free shipping. Determinedly contemporary, these fine wallpaper collections adorn the walls with a modern, romantic or feminine chic full of humor and poetry. Today, Baroque patterns are juxtaposed with romantic flower motifs and dots that add a touch of pop colors for a chic look. Graphical line combinations for wallpapers such as AS wallpaper in matte gloss or glittering highlighted combinations in bright colors or black and white, add a touch of glamor and confidence to the trendy interior. Likewise, natural motifs inspire wallpapers such as wood imitations or stone walls such as exposed concrete wallpaper or slate wallpaper and lend the wallpaper collections a special adaptive gift. Colorful, cheerful atmosphere to express the rooms with this wallpaper trend. All the well-known brands and labels of these noble wallpaper collections reflect their fashion and trends and were designed for today's people who are pushing for creative decors. Even wallpapers of a special kind.