Nobile a wallpaper for the Italian word - noble, noble, classy, ??blue-blooded, these adjectives describe the applicable newest classic wallpaper collection of object and premium brand of Architects Paper. In the style of Italian villas, hotels and mansions attracts with Nobile a piece of mediterranian way of life in your rooms a. Fine, delicate and handmade embossing created to 70cm wide exclusive high quality vinyl murals and harmonious ornaments in timeless warm colors. The cloth-like relief this wallpaper convinces as effort, processing, technology as well as surface effect and design performance. The wallpaper collection is rounded off by two matching embroidered series wallpaper. Fine and finest yarns are applied in traditional embroidery art to the concerted Unis. The panels in the format of around 3 meters ennoble the already exclusive wall decoration in addition and create true design objects and interesting additional revenue.